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Bacallao Granite & Marble specializes in custom granite, marble, onyx and quartzite fabrication and installation. We help design your requests in stone. Your imagination is our muse, assisting you in anyway we can to make the transition from an idea to reality. Here at Bacallao Granite & Marble we go above and beyond to transform your project into masterpiece.
We take pride in our work and guarantee high quality workmanship and great customer service.

Free Estimate

Measuring your project is one of the most important keys to a successful project well done. At your request, we send out one of our specialist to analyse your project thoroughly and take the measurements with very tight precision to assure accuracy in fabrication. He will then walk you through the process from start to finish and notify you of any adjustments that may have to take place in order for everything to run smoothly. If there be any questions, curiosities or concerns, our specialist is at your service and will be more than happy to help put you at ease for the start of your new project. We pride ourselves in our customer service and only offer the best to those who make us the best at what we do. 

As soon as our office receives the template taken, we will provide you with an itemized quote as promptly as possible.

Stone Selection

From over 70 colors to choose from, in our yard, we are proud to be direct importers of our own material, straight from the quarries in Brazil. At Bacallao Granite & Marble, our office staff are amazing people and are always ready to take a walk with you around our yard and show you a variety of options that can fit your needs and feed your imagination for creation. We are very aware that by having such a big selection, it makes it harder to pick just one. So, take your time and shop around, and come visit us as many times as you need. Maybe even bring a sample of paint colors, a cabinet door, tiles or wood panels, even carpet or any other item you feel will help you envision the end product. This choice is a permanent one, so settling is not an option, and negotiation is always open, because we want you to have not only what you want, but what you deserve; because our customers deserve only the best.


Old-world craftsmanship and modern technology come together in Bacallao Granite & Marble’s fabrication warehouse to deliver high quality and great value. All projects are designed on a CAD system that provides digital instruction to a state-of-the-art CNC machine equipped with diamond tooling to cut and shape the stone slab to extremely tight tolerances. While the end product might be good

enough for other fabricators, it is not for Bacallao Granite and Marble. We have skilled stone masons inspect and hand grind and polish each project to virtual perfection. With this combination of modern technology and a great crew, we are able to provide to our customers not only what they ask for but at a value that no one can beat. There is no job to big or too small that we can't wow you with outcome.


Once your project has been fabricated, upon customer approval, we schedule the date for installation. For this day, we do suggest that all items in, on, or around the project be removed and a path be cleared for our installation crew. We also provide removal and disposal of any and all current materials such as Formica, tile, and/or granite, per customer request (prices may vary). Having over 10 years of experience dealing with natural stone, we take every precaution to insure that the surrounding areas stay intact as we bring in your project for installation. At the end of every install, we offer to seal your natural stone surfaces for you to ensure maximum life and durability of your natural stone. Please wait several hours before using your surface to let all adhesives to adhere, settle and dry. When this process is complete, we clean and pack up, leaving your house/business ready for your enjoyment.

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